❗FAQ and Important Updates❗

Greetings from the Fox!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Fox business! Here are a few recent updates you will need to know before you purchase any items, and well as answers to FAQs.

Fox, there’s a BIG issue with the postal service these days...how do you deal with it for shipping concerns?

Due to the current issue with USPS Delays and the coronavirus pandemic, a few adjustments have been made to accommodate customers for shipping issues:

a. Shipping options have changed to accomodate priority shipping for both local and international orders. Please keep in mind that during cycles where USPS is experiencing shipping delays, the store will not be responsible for refunding packages that are shipped via priority mail or standard tracking. You can recieve up to 300$ insurance on priority mail from the post office if disputed through USPS with the tracking. 

b. If you are a purchaser from the UK, you will need to provide the address of a US/international drop buddy to secure your purchase due to the new laws involving VAT increase. Customers from the UK may also use a proxy or mail forwarder from the US to hold their packages. if you purchase items without these accomodations, the shop will hold your order for 1 week until proper accomodations are required and emailed to us. Failure to do so will result in a full refund from the purchase and your item(s) will go back up for sale.

2) I as well as my friends Justin (also known as Thalamus) and Serena (also known as theredusagi_) will be monitoring each drop and shipment from this store. If you don’t hear from me you will most likely hear from them for inquiries. Please use: kdfoxxinquiry@gmail.com for mailing us any questions or concerns for the store.

3) This store DOES NOT DO COMBINED SHIPPING due to the amount of orders we receive monthly. It’s a lot for us to handle. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

4) Please use the correct shipping option to purchase items. Full sets, bundles or any order that is 3 items or up MUST have priority shipping attached or the store will request an invoice from you to make up for the shipping cost that is missing. If you are ordering 1-2 small items, you may use the standard tracking option for he item.  

I just purchased an item from a recent sale or drop that was PREORDER. When should I expect it?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic delays, I cannot provide pinpoint accuracy on when pre ordered items would arrive to us and then be shipped afterwards. However, I can give you a guestimate. Usually pin orders take from 1-2 full months to fulfill by the manufacturers depending on details and quantity. They would then take anywhere between 1-2 weeks with delay normally before they get to me, Serena or Justin. THEN, we have to grade them, so that can take about 3-5 days (because we all work essential day jobs) before we start creating labels to ship the items and order pickups. These things take time but we do our best to send your precious grail off as fast as we can :)

So, I know it’s not all your fault as people are busy, mistakes happen and there's a raging pandemic outside the four walls of everyone's homes….BUT I accidentally received either:

A) WRONG Package

B) A Flawed Item

C) One too many items

D)No confirmation of tracking/tracking won't move

Ah yes, the dreaded four...not on you of course haha! We have a lot on our hands as a small business and do our best to accommodate your needs. So here is what we’ll offer:

Wrong package, let us know! You are more than welcome to send the package back to our return address if you feel you should because the package contains a LIMITED ITEM. Actually, we encourage that and we’ll even send you the shipping cost reimbursement.

*Usually if the item is OE and we have another to send to the customer in question, we’ll let you keep it! Merry Christmas!

Flawed Item packages have two options!

You can keep the flaw and we'll refund you either 3$ or 5$ depending on the pin and/or size of your order.

You can send us the flaw back and request an A grade IF we have it in stock. If we don't we’ll offer you the partial refund.

If that item was a LIMITED item, refer to A. If not and we have more, Merry Christmas!

The DREADED. Well for one, we don’t use BigCartel to make labels, we use Pirateship.com. So if you are looking for shipping confirmation, look for an email from Pirateship! *** Please refer to the first question of this FAQ to see how we handle shipping issues :)

Okay awesome! Let's say I like to plan for your pin drops? Do you have a calendar system I can refer to or..?

Great question! I’m terrible at planning stuff myself but my friends want me to be better at it... so we decided to throw our heads together to come up with a reasonable calendar system for drops. Justin and I will attempt to create one for August if not September of 2020 and then onward to manage shipments in and out of operations. Serena mostly handles my personal Patreon orders, but when we require her assistance for the main store she too will also be in the know. Many of my drops can be SPONTANEOUS to say the least, so we’ll do our best to work around it. I’ll look into creating a separate page to update with a new Drop Calendar every month on Big Cartel. If that doesn't work out, It’ll most likely be posted on my Instagram account @kaydeefoxx.

I know you are an artist and I am looking for a design...Commissions?

Ah. Hehe...well talk later. Like later later...cuz I’m sowwy I am SWAMPED *headdesk* This section will be updated when I open commissions with proper rates.

Okay then. Collaborations?

Please email kenyadaninoart@gmail.com for professional inquiries or business collaborations ONLY. I cannot guarantee I’ll get to everyone, or agree to everyone, but I will consider some proposals.